Target Audience

For green beans and enthusiasts alike who love coffee but want to take it that extra step further to learn about its origins and how to pair it with food

What the app does

It helps build a foundation of knowledge for the users and provides them with the opportunity to find out that coffee pairs best with their food and vice versa

How does it do it

Through a designated learning page and quiz format to help guide users through their decision making process

03 - walkthrough

The different features present in the learn section of the app

03 - walkthrough
Coffee for food

One section of the quiz catered to selecting the best coffee for a meal, this is determined by origin and roast

03 - walkthrough
Food for coffee

The first step in the development process, the rough beginnings

High-Fidelity Wireframes

The finalized version of the app, it includes all of the stylistic decisions and designs

Try It For Yourself

Go through the prototype through Adobe Creative Cloud

View Prototype